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MoDu® - The mobile bed shower for more quality of life

Developed by experts. For professionals.

MoDu® for care institutions reduces personnel costs.

Showering in bed is possible much faster with only one caregiver and without travel times. You save the strength-intensive and risky mobilisation of patients for showering and cleaning the bathroom and shower table.

Prevention of work-related illnesses.

MoDu® massively reduces constant physical strain - no lifting, pulling, manoeuvring of shower stretcher/chair and patients. This means more quality of care in less time.

The carer's best friend.

MoDu® is mobile when your patients are not.

With MoDu®, patients can be showered in their own nursing bed. Unsafe transfers with shower couches and shower chairs to the bathroom are a thing of the past.

MoDu® protects you and your patients. Manoeuvring with bulky shower trolleys increases the risk of injuries and long-term consequences for caregivers. With MoDu® you can shower patients safely - directly in their own hospital bed.

Like showering. Only better. Showering with a real hand shower is an incomparable feeling, which you can comfortably give your patients with MoDu®.

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